Lead Pastors:


Lead Pastors: Mike and Liz Collier


Pastors Mike and Liz serve in the lead role at RHC. They are a talented couple who God is using in a tremendous way to break down racial barriers, push back against the drugs in our neighborhoods, build up families, minister to the forgotten and those who have been in Church. Furthermore, they challenge the people around them to carry the same mission of embracing people, engaging people, and equipping them for any measure of life. 

Pastor Mike's preaching style is relevant to today's needs, hurts, and desires. He preaches with passion and zeal, tackling tough problems in our culture through a timely Biblical narrative, powerful anointing, and a touch of humor. Pastor Mike carries dynamic energy and excitement with him that he brings to the pulpit. Furthermore, he brings that to the table in every setting of ministry and life. He has completed studies through Christian University, completed MIP, and now holds his ministerial license through Church of God (TN). Pastor Mike continues his education through Lee University (DAL) pursuing his Bachelors in Ministerial Leadership - Pastoral Emphasis. 

Liz carries an extreme burden for people of every walk of life. She builds up those within the Church, and her passion for reaching those in the community and the nations is unparalleled. Along with leading alongside her husband, she has pursued outreaches, fighting social injustices, and going to the nations with the love of Jesus. She completed MIP with her husband and holds a certificate in early childhood development. 

Our Pastors make a dynamic duo in the local church and their home. Along with their four children, they have a passion for the Church, community, and the global expansion of the Church. 

Youth Pastors:


Youth Pastors: Kyelei and Ayden Quinn


The Quinn’s are an invigorating young couple who carry with them a wealth of experience and wisdom. Leading the student ministry at RHC, they bring motivation and commitment along with an extreme passion for the youth of today. 

Kyelei is a talented individual who devotes herself fully to the people and tasks set before her. She graduated from Lee University with a Bachelors in Pastoral Ministry. While at Lee, Kyelei was also a part of Campus Choir. Along with her passion for youth and their development, she plays several instruments and is an amazing singer. More than her abilities on stage, she is a worshipper at heart and seeks the Kingdom of God first. 

Ayden is quick witted, funny, and connects well to the youth of today. He has an immense amount of training and life experience growing up behind the scenes of Youth and Children's Ministry as his parents have led these ministries since Ayden was a toddler. Ayden has also worked in Youth Camps, various youth programs, sings and been a member of drama/ dance teams. 

This couple compliment each other well in their life and the ministry. We believe that there is nothing that the two of these people cannot accomplish together. Together they are building lasting relationships within the youth group while challenging the youth to grow their relationship with Jesus Christ as well. Kyelei and Ayden bring energy, growth, and balance to our youth group, Risen Generation, and they provide the passion and zeal to sustain it with lasting results. 



Sunday Evenings:

Sunday Evenings:

Morning Worship Service

and Children's Ministries: 11:00a

Sunday Evenings:

Sunday Evenings:

Sunday Evenings:

Risen Generation Youth 

6th - 12th grade

Service: 6:00 pm - 8:00p


Sunday Evenings:


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